Cozy camp in the woods

We are situated in Mantvilai homestead, Merkinės district, Dzūkija region. Our homestead is surrounded by true Lithuanian countryside landscape – a wild forest, huge meadow, followed by rivulet at the end of it. Total wilderness with nothing else but you in it doing the things you love the most! Relax or enjoy sport activities in the nature: hiking, cycling, fishing, yoga, or any other.

A place for your dreams

We offer you the possibility to feel the hospitality of the nature. Stay at our homestead with your loved ones, if want to find peace, harmony and joy of life. Feel the forest, listen to its residents and be one them. It is a place where you can celebrate the most important occasion of your life, organize unforgettable kids or adult camp, different retreats, a workation or any other camp. We have 16 places to sleep and enjoy life in wonderful surroundings.

Where old meets modern

Our homestead will appeal to those who understand the value of traditional culture, who feel a connection with the native land and responsibility for preserving the uniqueness of the region. In our homestead, the wooden ancient being is revived and constantly nurtured, modernity and ancient ethnic traditions are combined.